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The catman is the hall of fame super fan of the carolina panthers, but are not AFFILIATED with each other. The Catman was inducted through the nfl; visa & the pro football hall of fame, in 2004. join me in cheering for our team!
It was Greg Good you may have seen till 1998 when The Catman took over his body! The Catman stands 7ft. tall from Electric Blue hair to feet, weighs 325 pounds, (contrary to an ex-Raven players guess) and takes an average of 175 photos with fans on Game Day! The Catman has cheered every Home game since the first game at Clemson University & including all games in Charlotte. The Catman was there in Houston in 2004 for the SuperBowl, working for VISA & the Hall Of Fame (HOF). The Catman has done many Charity Events around North Carolina and will do many more, just Contact me through the Contact page. Catman also does Appearances like Punt, Pass & Kick contests, Tailgates, Sports Bar Appearances, etc. Just Contact me!
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